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We provide worldwide depot level repair, manufacturing and logistics support for sophisticated military electronic systems and components.

International Enterprises, Incorporated (IEI) is a defense contractor by design, staffed with experienced and highly trained professionals committed to the military avionics market, specializing in the manufacture repair, and test of electronic systems/components and related support equipment. Our purchasing, accounting, quality assurance, security, material control, safety and acceptance test procedures are reviewed and approved by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Most technical personnel have extensive military backgrounds, providing them with an insight into the applications and mission environment of the hardware. In depth knowledge of system performance requirements and the logistics support system are inherent in each employee's skill development, job knowledge review and performance evaluation criteria. IEI is an ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100A registered company. Due to the high volume of DoD work, DCMA maintains a resident Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) team at the IEI facility.

IEI is a well respected depot level repair facility for sophisticated military electronic systems and components (i.e. fire control radar, displays, electronic countermeasures, lasers, forward looking infrared/FLIR, communications, altimeters, and many other systems) for the F-16, F-15, F-5, P-3, S-3, T-45, T-38, Apache, HH-60, V-22, GPS and other platforms.

Our focus is not limited to repair of systems and components. Our engineers and technicians seek to increase reliability and maintainability of our customer's equipment through improved procedures and redesign. Our Purchasing Department is extremely successful in supporting aging weapon systems by locating hard to find parts. When diminishing material sources (DMS) issues arise, our engineers are quick to identify replacement parts that can be proposed to the responsible design authority. In those cases where a circuit redesign is needed, IEI has the capability to design and manufacture the replacement assemblies to sustain and upgrade the system.

Complete and current technical data is essential to the depot maintenance process. IEI has a technical data staff dedicated to research, acquisition and maintenance of our Data Library. We have a comprehensive collection of technical manuals, specifications and drawings. In many cases, the prescribed test equipment is not available, so IEI must utilize this data to develop a repair/test capability and detailed acceptance test procedures (ATP).

In order to support today's high-tech systems, IEI has procured and/or designed and developed numerous automatic test stations and has a resident engineering staff to design and develop test program sets (TPS), including the software programs and interface test adapter (ITA) necessary to mate the unit under test (UUT) to the automatic test equipment (ATE). IEI recently completed work on two US Air Force programs to provide an F-16 depot level repair capability, including ATE, TPS development, ancillary support equipment, and repair skills training to the Turkish Air Force. We have also designed a replacement for the aging/non-supportable F-16 Avionics Intermediate Shop (AIS) Tester.

In order to provide our customers with rapid repair turnaround, we maintain a multi-million dollar repair parts inventory. Our 60,000 sq. ft environmentally controlled Talladega repair facility includes an anechoic chamber, full environmental stress screening facilities, coordinate-measuring equipment, on-site calibration laboratory, clean room and laser range.

In addition to the DoD, we have many commercial contracts directly with foreign governments and major aircraft manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. In order to best serve our international customers, IEI has an extensive network of in-country representatives ready to assist you with your specific requirements.

With our many years of service, we have accumulated a great deal of repair history on the various items. These historical records have enabled us to develop firm-fixed-price repair catalogues that we offer to our major customers.

We are well known for taking on new programs that other contractors have abandoned or have overcharged and provided poor performance. IEI is ready to investigate any system or component for which your company/customer(s) may require depot level support.

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